Coat smarter!

Wireless measurement tools & solutions for determining mechanical stresses in the optical coating industry.

Enhanced productivity


Test glass changer

Automated sample changing

  • Wireless extension of optical monitoring systems
  • Test glass change in less than 5 seconds
  • For process temperatures up to 250°C
  • Shape, number and size of test glasses configurable

Higher quality

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Stress measurement

in-situ & ex-situ thin film stress measurements

  • in-situ
    • During the coating process on rotating substrates
    • high speed sample scanning with up to 40kHz
    • Achievable resolution:
  • ex-situ
    • sample installation and adjustment in a few seconds
    • Optional furnace for measuring thermal stresses (up to 300°C)
    • Achievable resolution:

Improved process control


Temperature measurement

Determine process and sample temperatures in-situ

  • Wireless temperature measurement
  • Up to 5 type K thermocouples can be used
  • Max. Process temperature 250°C

Due to the simple and fast measured value acquisition of our optical measuring systems, vajotec is particularly interesting for the quality management of your vacuum coating systems. Thereby, our products can perform measurements both before and after coating.

Vajotec is patent owner for wireless measurement methods. Therefore, only with us you can get efficient measurement methods and yet our products are more cost effective compared to other industries.

enowned customers in research and production of filters, mirrors, AR layers, solar cells, LEDs, lamps and semiconductors already use measurement systems and radio applications from vajotec to increase efficiency and effectiveness in their work.