About us

Dr. Joachim Bankmann received his doctorate in 2003 in Göttingen in the field of “Hydrogen in thin, metallic layers”. Subsequently, he founded the company sigma-physik, which he managed as a sole proprietor until its transformation into vajotec GmbH in 2020. 

The founding idea in 2003 was the development of measuring systems for determination of mechanical stresses in thin layers.
Numerous discussions with clients led to the idea of wireless measuring systems, as well as wireless actuators with the possibility to be used in vacuum and at high temperatures. Together with a strong industrial partner from Wetzlar, a comprehensive patent was registered, which forms the basis of these radio systems. 

In 2017, Dr. Joachim Bankmann moved back to his birthplace Diepholz, where vajotec GmbH is now located.

In recent years, vajotec has had an average of four employees who implement and realize the visions and ideas of vajotec and its clients with drive and fun.